Grade not showing in LMS


I'm using Blackboard By Coursesites LMS to upload my course; one course in particular doesn't show the grade after a user has attempted the quiz. At first i thought the issue was with the LMS but it appears to be doing the same thing when i try a different LMS. The course is 206MB in size and was deployed using SCROM 1.2 format


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HR Graves


I'm having the same issue. A Storyline2 quiz that I know showed a grade in the Canvas gradebook is now not showing results and I can't see any difference between the two packages.

I tested in SCORM Cloud as advised but am not sure what the results page is telling me. =-/

SCORM Cloud results

Could someone see if they can locate the issue? Thanks very much.

Warmly, Helen

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Helen!

Thanks for sharing your file. It looks like you'd like to report a "passed" status for anything above 288 points, which would be 5 hours or more. Is that correct? Have you tried using the "Passed/Failed" Reporting and Tracking option?

With that option, your users will receive "complete" for actually answering the question, and they'll receive "pass" or "fail" depending on the number of hours they choose on the first slide.