Graded and Ungraded Quizzes in one course, in an LMS

Dec 14, 2011

I have a course that has ungraded self-checks and a graded assessment. I'm using Presenter '09 and Quizmaker '09. For the ungraded self-check, I've set all question values to "0", and the passing score at 0. Is this the correct way to set up a self-check that I do not want to report to an LMS? Will it cause any conflict with the scored assessment if set up this way? The reporting for the course overall is "Passed/Incomplete."



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Peter Anderson

Hi Lee-Ann!

You can track only 1 quiz in each Presenter course. You'll have the option to specify which quiz in Presenter: Articulate -> Publish -> LMS -> Reporting and Tracking -> Tracking -> Track using quiz results -> Which quiz -> (Select quiz name).

That should ensure that your ungraded self-check won't conflict. Let us know if that works out. Thanks!