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Jan 06, 2012

Hi everybody, I'm new here!

I'm very happy to be part of this community: you're all very kind and full of precious tips!

I started using Articulate at work about 4 months ago and since then I've been dealing with a very strange problem.

From time to time, when the presentation is published, perfectly straight lines, parallels shapes or arrows look rotated while in the Power Point they are allined.
Moreover, some animations don't behave properly as they don't disappear even if I say them to "hide on next mouse click" (and I click when I sync the audio. Maybe is this the problem?) or as they appear twice in the same spot without a reason.

I'm a bit confused... These problems not always occur and I'm working the same way every day. Where's my mistake?

Does anyone know how to solve this nasty problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Peter Anderson

Hey Mauro, welcome to Heroes! 

Glad to have you aboard! For the animation issue, a good place to start is here: 

And while Presenter supports the vast majority of PowerPoint animations, it does not support them all. For a list of supported animations, please see: 

Presenter '09: 

You can refer to our online documentation here regarding syncing your animation timings with your audio here: 

Presenter '09:

As for the shifting shapes, have a look here and let us know if that resolves the issue:

Welcome again, and I hope that's helpful!

Mauro Gaiotto

Dear Peter, thank you for your welcome here!

And for your answer as well!

I read the links you suggested and they helped me to better figure out the situation. In particular, I found useful the list of the animation accepted by Articulate.

Actually, none of them helped me to solve the problem but I've tried some alternatives and I've found the root of some of the problem I pointed out.

1. I created a text box adding a reflection effect below. This feature caused the text not to animate. I solved the problem simply eliminating the effect.

2. I created a sequence of animations, each of them including the "hide after next mouse click" option. It seems not to work with Articulate. I had to re-think the sequence in order not to use that option.

3. Concerning the inexplicable slightly rotated shapes or lines I could find a solution. In PowerPoint they are perfect, once published they sometimes deform, even the template lines...

Are these problems/solutions common?

Thanks again!

Peter Anderson

Hi Mauro!

The only issue I'm aware of with Reflection effects is pixelated text. And I'd encourage you to check out Dave Moxon's blog for more info about on-click triggers. Also, if you'd like further help with troubleshooting the rotated shapes, please feel free to Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file to our support engineers. They'd be happy to take a closer look and help you find a solution. You can do that here:

Please include the url to this thread if you decide to submit your case, along with any other pertinent information. And feel free to leave your case number here so that I can follow it personally. Thanks, Mauro!

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