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I'm relatively new to Articulate's more sophisticated features and am having trouble figuring out how to get an image (graphic) to display on top of my video after the video has finished playing. I watched David Anderson's clip on using Video Encoder for a similar purpose (// but I only watched part 1 (can't locate the other two parts on the web site). I can't figure out how to get the graphic to display on top of the video (it's always underneath). Is there any easy way to do this that I'm missing? I suspect that I need to mask the video somehow so that it's hidden before I can show the graphic?

Thanks, Donna

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David Anderson
Wendy Farmer

Hi David

just watching your video of overlaying an image when a video has finished playing...I have the opposite I want to achieve.  Using SL2 I have a video that will play 'on click' by the participant and I have a still image of the beginning of the video that I want the participant to see before the video starts and then I want that image to hide when the play button is clicked.  I have tried changing the state of the still image to hidden when the play button is clicked but it still remains, I tried entering it onto the timeline for just a few secs but if the user doesn't click in those few secs the still disappears.  Do you know how I can get the still to display initially and then disappear when the user clicks the play button.  I am using the SL controls of the video.

Thank you