Had Studio 09; learning Studio 13. Can't find some stuff.

Just today starting with '13 and a few things I used routinely in '09 seem to have gone missing.

How do you

  • Hide a slide so that it does not list in the Menu? This used to be in Slide Properties, but I do not find it there in '13.
  • Nest or subordinate slides so that one slide is "under" another? When I opened a project I did on '09 the subordinations in the project imported fine, but how do I create them? This too used to be in Slide Properties, but I cannot find it anywhere in '13.
  • Import or load templates and color schemes created and previously used in projects created in '09?

    Thanks, JP
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff!

You could utilize the Player Menu to hide slides in your menu and change the indention level, and you can read about this in our tutorial here.

The player has been completely redesigned in Studio '13, meaning player templates from earlier versions won't work with Studio '13 content.

You could change player colors, etc by utilizing this tutorial.

Jeff ("JP") Redman

Thank you both for your replies.

With your assistance, I located the controls for Slide properties. Thank you.
I understand that I cannot use '09 templates in '13.

I understand that I can change color schemes as well as where and how to do that, BUT

You did not say whether or not I can import and use color schemes created in '09 in '13.

I have an old project created in '09.

The client has asked for a revision. I have attempted to recreate the original color scheme in '13.

The client says it is not the same and they really don't like it.
Because '09 was uninstalled during the installation of '13 I cannot look at the color scheme of the original project to learn and make note of the colors I used in it.
SO... I would like to import and use that '09 color scheme in '13. Can it be done or not? If so, how?

On a related subject that I didn't mention in my original post.
How do I change the color of the Menu's Hover Highlight? That is... the highlight that appears behind the text when the cursor hovers over an item in the list.

The Menu item of EDIT ITEM in Advanced Color Editing lists only "Background" and "Shadow".

Perhaps you could direct me to a legend showing what each of the terms listed in the Edit Item pulldown refers to. Examples: I have no idea what "Search Input," "Transcript," and "Notification Window" mean or refer to.