Have exit button show only on last slide

Is there a way to set up a player template in Presenter '09 so that the Exit button only shows up on the last slide of a presentation rather than all through it?  I'm changing that button to read 'download results' so they know that's how our LMS gets their data, but I don't want them to see it before they're done. 


Susan Crawley

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Susan,

The exit tab will always appear throughout the course on any slides that are displayed in Standard VIew or No Sidebar View. It would make a great feature request to be able to turn certain tabs on or off for individual slides, though!

In the meantime, I wanted to mention: the course will send data to your LMS whenever the learner closes their browser window OR if they use the exit button. What you might want to do in your situation is remove the Exit button from your player altogether, and then at the end of the course, show a brief on-screen message saying they can now close their browser window to transmit their course data to the LMS. 

Another thought that might help: If you do want to retain the exit button and show it only at the end, you could perhaps display all other slides in your course in Slide Only view, since no player tabs appear in that view. (Here's how to select the view mode for your course and for specific slides.) The downside of doing that, though, is that on slides that you show in Slide Only view, you won't be able to show certain other features, such as the sidebar.