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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Michele, I don't think this has anything to do with whether you are viewing locally v.s. online because from my understanding of your description it sounds like these links are internal links within the same presentation.

I just tried publishing an old Studio 9 course that had some hyperlinks and they published fine (not much help to you unfortunately). So the only thing I can suggest is to check the hyperlinks (use the edit hyperlinks option) and check to make sure the links are still in tack.

Michele Israel

So, here is what might have happened...I used a template that was provided here...by Tom...I wonder whether that template, in carrying over to 13, actually took the programming with it...all of the hyperlinks are in place...and yes, they are internal links...slides moving to slides...I am boggled...and upset...oy...thanks for responding.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michele,

There was a similar thread here, and it was something that after testing was reported to our QA team. Since you're also using an older template (from 09) that may be causing additional issues, and if you'd like us to test it further, please create a Presenter package and share it with us on the second page of this link.