HELP! Can't get video to work in PowerPoint...

May 21, 2012

I have been trying all day to publish this Power Point and the video will play in the thumb nail but once published it does not open at all. I've tried .swf, FLV and mp4 none of which worked when I published the PowerPoint.

Please HELP!



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Phil Mayor

Where is your video?  Is it on a shared drive or USB stick?

If its on a shared drive try putting it on the desktop and linking to it there. 

Check that the video doesnt have any special characters in the filename, that the path length to the video is less than 256 characters.  Also check your publish path length is less than 256 character.  Finally it might be an encoding issue, how did you encode it?  If you have access to the articulate video encoder try running the source through that

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Jeff!

If you've included videos in your Articulate content and find that they do not play in your published output, please review this article for some common reasons and solutions. If you continue experience trouble, please open a support ticket. Here's how:

1)  First, create an Articulate Presenter Package of your presentation as described here
2)  Then upload the resulting zip file from your computer on the second page of this form. 
3)  In the Comments field, include the slide numbers where the issue occurs. Please be as detailed as possible with your description.

We''ll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your upload. Thanks!

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