Help! I need to sync multiple slides to video in presenter panel.

Hi! Can anyone tell me how to sync multiple slides with a video in the presenter panel? I watched a tutorial on how to do this for ONE slide (put the video on the slide, sync the animation for that ONE slide, remove the video from the slide and then place the video in presenters panel). I did find this link - but it doesn't work! only way I can figure this to work is to edit the video for each slide - however this would be very time consuming and will not produce a smooth playing course.Please Help! ThanksJ

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sandy, just to clarify, are you wanting to place one video in the presenter panel and have that play across multiple slides? If so, unfortunately that's not part of the feature set in Articulate Presenter, although it would make a great feature request. The supported approach would be to split your movie into slide-specific video files (you could use a free tool such as Windows Movie Maker to do this) and then insert each video with the appropriate slide.

An alternative idea you might be interested in is the suggestion described in this blog post, which leverages the logo panel in the sidebar to play video across multiple slides. Although continuous video of this nature isn't officially supported by Articulate, the ideas in the post might get you closer to what you're looking for.