Help! Imported sound doesn't stay

I've exported my sound, then edited it, but when I import it back into Presenter, it doesn't stick.

I opened Audio Editor and imported multiple files. The files properly overwrite my existing audio. I can see and hear the differences.

But when I click Save and Close, it doesn't save my new imported audio. When I reopen the audio editor, the old audio is still there.

I've checked my Add-ins, all is fine. nothing is disabled.

my files are not on a server. the file folders containing the sound are all one word, no spaces.

I've imported sound before without a problem. I tried 4-5 times this time and it doesn't stay.

Anybody got an idea?

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John Walston


I don't have any old.ppta files  in the folder.....

I had made a backup folder of all my Articulate projects. .... and this particular file I had also copied into another folder to do some tests on boosting volume.

but the original file stayed in the main folder.

I'm exasperated.

Peter Anderson

Hi John, 

Sorry for the frustration. Would you be willing to create a screencast replicating the issue? Screenr is easy to use and doesn't require any special downloads:


Once you've recorded the process, you can submit it along with a case for our support engineers to have a closer look at:

And someone will contact you shortly to help find a resolution. Thanks for your patience!