Help! Imported sound doesn't stay

I've exported my sound, then edited it, but when I import it back into Presenter, it doesn't stick.

I opened Audio Editor and imported multiple files. The files properly overwrite my existing audio. I can see and hear the differences.

But when I click Save and Close, it doesn't save my new imported audio. When I reopen the audio editor, the old audio is still there.

I've checked my Add-ins, all is fine. nothing is disabled.

my files are not on a server. the file folders containing the sound are all one word, no spaces.

I've imported sound before without a problem. I tried 4-5 times this time and it doesn't stay.

Anybody got an idea?

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Peter Anderson

Hi John, 

Sorry for the frustration. Would you be willing to create a screencast replicating the issue? Screenr is easy to use and doesn't require any special downloads:


Once you've recorded the process, you can submit it along with a case for our support engineers to have a closer look at:

And someone will contact you shortly to help find a resolution. Thanks for your patience!