Help in Creating Layers

Hello All,

I could use some help from the community:

I have five slides that I want to function as layers. Common to all slides is a table 4 columns wide and 2 rows deep. In the top row cells, I have graphics (A, B, C, and D) that are hyperlinked to slides 2 (for A), 3 (for B), 4 (for C), and 5 (for D). Slide 1 just shows the graphics; slides 2-5 include a text description for a particular graphic.  in short, I want to create an interaction that has the learner clicking on the graphic  in order to access additional information  about what it represents. I don't want to force them into a specific sequence.

My settings: PPT: 1) no animations in the slides; 2) advance slide on mouse click.

                      Presenter: slide properties - advanced: by user.

The layers work fine as part of a PPT slide show, yet when I preview all 5 in the Presenter player, they don't function at all (though the hyperlinks are still there as indicated by the mouse pointer change).

Any insight as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


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