Help me IMPORT - Thrown into Presenter 360 by support; Learn I have Studio 13 license

Hi. I took over a project recently. I only had a short time with the previous person who owned my project. He told me to download everything from and told me where to find our license number. I was having a terrible time getting Articulate to work. I'm a high level Captivate developer, but I've used Storyline. I had Articulate 360 and Articulate studio loaded on to my machine. I was having all kinds of problems like Presenter losing all my audio files. I know now that the former owner didn't make it clear that I should only use Articulate Studio. He said you can use all the products and they will export easily. When I lost my audio files, I told support that I had a license for the products but he insisted deleting Studio because it was causing all the trouble. As it turns out, our license is for Studio. I've done all this work in Presenter 360 and I'm told today that they don't believe it is backward compatible (I can't believe that is even true). I have calls and emails into Articulate and their management to solve my issue. I need help.

Can I load Studio 13 and import my files into Studio? I don't want to lose weeks of work. 

@Articulate management - I'm very disappointed that no one has gotten back to me with a solution or even a glimmer of care for my problem.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa, 

I'm sorry that you've run into this issue with backwards compatibility. I know everyone on our team is committed to helping you figure out next steps, to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

I can see from your case with John and Emily that Articulate 360 was downloaded using your colleague Andrew's computer and or Articulate ID (it looks like you're still using his Articulate ID to post here too). We show a license/serial number for Studio '13, and we've yet to find a subscription for you or Andrew to Articulate 360. 

Since files you created were then created in Presenter 360 (one of the tools in the 360 Suite) they won't be backwards compatible to Studio '13 (Presenter '13). Studio '09 and '13 courses can be upgraded to Studio 360. However, Studio 360 courses can't be opened or edited with previous versions.

I'm going to work with Emily to figure out next steps for you, and I see that she sent you an email earlier today (Friday 4/28). When you get a chance can you let us know if you were able to install Studio '13 as she shared in that email?