Help-Posting articulate file on my website

I have a small group of students that I teach with interactive presenter and engage flash files. Those flash files are interactive so the viewer can make choices.

I would appreciate if somone tells me in what way I sould post those files on my website and send a link to the viewers. it is important for me that the flash movie file starts automatically, as soon as clicked on. I have tried this with FTP posting and was not successful..

Thanks for your help

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Henry Sipor

Hi, Peter

I first would like to thank all Articulate team for their sincere helps. You guys are amazing!

Yes, I did go through those wonderful articles. I have tested the connection  published the file to website, but I don't see the file on my web pages. Two things;

1.  I would like to upload the file on my website

2.  I would like to to send an email link to the viewers and they should be able to start the interactive video file with one click.

I again appreciate everybody's help there!


Henry Sipor


I have been trying this for long enough that I may give up using Articulate on my teaching. I still cannot find out if I can create one click link to the articulate file and send it to the viewers via email. I am also looking someone with such skill and information that can help me with this issue and I pay for it. :(


Peter Anderson

Hi Henry,

Really sorry for the frustration. If you'd like to contact our support team, they'd be happy to work with you to determine why you're unable to get the courses uploaded to your website. In the meantime, if you're looking for a really quick and easy way to upload and share your files, you could use Dropbox. Then, you could simply email your students the link to that course: