HELP! Presenter '09 issue!

I have spent hours and hours on a course in Presenter '09/PPT '03.  Got everything done but the audio.  Today I opened the course to record the audio and everything in my PPT file has turned black.  A handful of text and images still show up, but the background of every slide is black (instead of the textured background I had selected), and while I can click where an image is supposed to be and drag it off the slide, it is "invisible."  It's not a matter of changing the background back to what it was--I've tried changing it to plain white and tried several other backgrounds, but no luck.  I've also tried to open the file in PPT 13 and the images are all boxes with red X's that say "The image part with relationship ID XXX was not found in the file."  Can anyone rescue my course, or am I totally screwed here?

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Katie L.

I created the course in PPT 2003/Presenter '09.  Yes, I am working locally on the files.

My mention of PPT 13 was because after I discovered the issue (and tried several things to resolve it), I then tried opening the PPT file (NOT the .ppta file) in PPT 13 and the images did not even show up.   I understand Presenter '09 is not compatible with PPT 13 but that should not have been an issue with simply opening the PPT file.