Help! Presenter '13 audio not playing through Showpad app

Aug 25, 2016

I've published an Articulate Presenter course (for LMS, using latest rev. of Articulate Presenter) and uploaded to our company's Showpad implementation (supports content access for Sales reps.)  There is no audio when running Showpad on an  iPad (iPad 2, running IOS 9.3.5).

However, I created an account in Scorm Cloud, uploaded the same course and it works fine when run on the same iPad.  (Interestingly, we have a couple of Storyline courses that run fine with audio on the same Showpad platform.)

Showpad support is saying it's IOS issue and points me back here to articles that I've already reviewed and tried. 

Any suggestions?  We are under the gun to get this course into production as soon as possible.  Any help would be most appreciated. 


David O'Connell

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