HELP! Series of SWFs Broken (110 of them!)

I have been asked to try to fix a large Presenter piece that someone who is no longer with the company created.  For some reason, each slide is a SWF.  Also, now, for some reason, those SWFs do not appear to be working.  When I republish the piece, all the ArticulateFlashObjects - as they appear in the selection panel - don't seem to work.

Since I am coming in after the fact, I have no clue why it was created this way - and don't have the time to re-create in any other fashion.

Any thoughts on why this may be happening?  I do note that in the Properties window - there is a directory path to the original creators desktop for the swf file - could that be the problem? 

Thanks for any help  or suggestions - I hate to think I am going to have to go in and reattach videos for 110 slides worth...


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Paul Kornman

Unfortunately, yes, that is the problem. Powerpoint is looking for the swf file in the location specified in the "Movie" property of the Flash Object.

Good news: it's fixable but a little tedious. (I had hoped there was a VBA solution, but I cannot find one that works for me).

I assume you have access to all the original SWFs.

1. Move them all to a location near the Powerpoint deck (e.g. in a sub-folder called "Flash").

2. Go to each SWF on each Slide (this is the tedious part), Right-click on the SWF, and look at the "Movie" property.

Let's say its something like "C:\Users\jthomas\project1\working\animation\intro.swf"

Since you've already moved "intro.swf" to the "Flash" directory (step 1), change the Movie property to be just


so now you have a relative pathname (instead of an absolute one) to the movie.

NOTE: You won't see any difference until you save Powerpoint and re-open it.

Your mileage may vary, so try it on one slide first. (Change Path, Save, Close, Re-open).

Separate Note: To avoid this exact problem, we do all our development work on external hard drives that each developer maps to the same drive letter, with the same directory structure.

Good luck,