Help! templates suddenly not working!

Hello folks

My module was working beautifully, the three attachments I had opened exactly as required...... and then I have done some minor tweaking to some audio and an text. 

I don't think I have messed about with any settings but now when I try to open an attachment I am getting the prompt about viewing attachments when the presentation is not playing from a website..........

I need to resolve this superfast as I have to present the finished item to the client on Monday.


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Peb Thomas

This makes a lot of sense.......... my organisation has 'security' overlaid on pretty much everything and it has caused other problems in the past.

But - the flipping attachments WERE working.......... right I am going to wander off and bend the ear of my IT support folk - who don't support Articulate so they won't know what I am talking about but you never know, they might figure it out

Thank you so much Peter