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Good morning everyone,

I am running into a problem with syncing the audio to the slides.  I have just upgraded from office 2007 to 2010, so I am not sure that this is something to do with that or not.  I record the audio using Audacity and import it into the course, once imported I was previously able to use the ‘sync animations’ function under the articulate tab.  When I try that now it will launch the screen just like it should but when I click on  ‘start sync’ it will flash like there is no animation on the slide and will not allow me to sync anything.  The only way I am able to set up the animations is by using the articulate audio editor.  This is very time consuming and frustrating.  Has anyone seen this before and is there a solution.


Rick Springer

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Stefania  Vasilescu

Good Afternoon, I am trying to add annotations to a presentations for which I have recorded the audio for each slide.  Every time I try to record the audio or I try to add annotations, the program takes me automatically to the next slide.  So although I may be listening to the right audio, the slide is always the next slide in the presentation and cannot add any annotations.  I had the same problem with when recording the audio, as it always advanced to the next slide.  I have tried a few things to fix it and I don't seem to be able to do it.  Please help!!!

Thank you!

Peter Anderson

Hi Stefania!

If you attempt to record narration, sync animations, or add annotations in Presenter '09 and find that it automatically skips through a slide, you’re likely encountering an issue with the theme (slide master) in your PowerPoint presentation. Please review this article for more information. 

Let us know if that helps...