Help with animations in Presenter

I have a presentation were many slides contains animations - some of them works - and some are not working at all. For example - I have a slide with text, were the text is animated word by word when previewing in PPT but when I preview in Articulate - it doesn't work at all.

On another slide I have a picture animated with customized motion path - doesn't work either.

Is it more 'advanced' animations that doesn't work in Articulate? Is there some way to work around this? Anyone who might have an idea?

Thanks in advance!

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Peter Strate

One way of getting animations to work inside Articulate is to actually produce as a Slideshow in Powerpoint, set times for the animations, and then save the Slideshow as a video. Then convert the WMF to FLV, and then insert it to your slide using Articulate - and there you go. The FLV plays with any animation you want.