Help with Audio File of Narration

I have the narration of an entire presentation on one audio file, and want it to play throughout the presentation and be able to sync animations and when it moves from slide to slide. I imported the audio file into slide 1. Is what I am trying to do possible or do I need to have separate narration/audio file for each slide?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Stacy, 

I'm so sorry , I missed your need to sync the playlist with your animations. Unfortunately, playlists can't be synced to your animations, so you won't be able to hear them when using the Sync Animations feature. Here's an older discussion that has some suggestions for other ways to sync your audio. Hope it's helpful!

Dave Neuweiler

Hello Stacy, I think if you try to use the playlist function, it'll be impossible to maintain synchronization if there's any user interaction -- like depending on people clicking on the forward button, since the playlist will continue even if the user waits a few seconds befor clicking on the forward button. And it'd be disaster if the user clicked the back button, because the playlist would continue forward...

So I think you'll need to take that one file and cut it into separate files, one for each of the slides of the PPT presentation.

I've done this a couple of times for clients who want to build modules from a WebEx presentation so it can be hosted on their LMS in SCORM.

I used Audacity, a free audio-editing tool for this. Audacity has (in my opinion) a short learning curve. I know lots of other developers in this forum use it too, so there's always a place in which to ask questions if you get stuck.

I hope that helps!