Help with Error publishing please

Jan 20, 2014

Hi I'm trying to publish and I'm getting the following error.  The first time I published it worked fine. The second time it asked me to update the quizmaker and engage files but it wouldn't update them I got a different error. I tried moving files to another folder and then back again to fix it thinking that they were not connected properly and I've tried reinstalling Presenter 09 package but nothing is working. Enage and Quizmaker are not opening when I click on to edit them in the projects in PowerPoint, I have to open them from going to all programs and opening Quizmaker and Enage program from there and then opening the files separately. The other thing I tried to do was publish each quiz and enage file from within Quizmaker and Enage to the course file in PowerPoint but I'm still getting the following error. Any ideas why this would happen and how to fix it please?

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Karen Whitford

Hi me again. I've done all the steps in the above article. I did get the a couple more errors but it's working now. So thanks. I do have one other question. I've bought PowerPoint 2013 but artiuclate won't open up in it. If I open Articulate and hit launch PowerPoint it launches 2007. If I open PowerPoint 2013 the artiuclate tab is present but nothing works, nothing happens if I press any of the functions of Articulate. Is there a way to get the Articualte to launch and function in 2013?


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