Help with translating to Chinese/Japanese/Russian (non-western)


I was given several courses in which I just need to update a link and re-publish. However, the courses are in Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, and Japanese. While the files look fine in PPT, they do not compile correctly in Articulate and the language goes a bit wonky.

For instance, here is some correct text in PPT using Japanese:

Here is how it looks when it is published in Articulate. You can see the weird little boxes, etc:

Here is what I've done so far:

Font Used: Arial Unicode MS

In Articulate: Changed the publish characters to Non Western font, change label text to Japanese

In PPT: Changed primary editing language to Japanese, embedded fonts

In Windows 7: Changed my region to Japanese (which has wreacked havoc with my calendar)

Any other suggestions? I have 4 of these to convert and I am running out of ideas.

Thanks so much for your help!

  - Michelle

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