Help with Web Object in Presenter '13 Shifting to the right of the Player Window when Published

Jun 16, 2015

I am hoping someone out there has experienced this or knows a fix for this issue. We are using Bravo games inserted into Presenter '13 as a web object. All we have to do is point to the game folder and it loads. The issue is when published to LMS, the web object loads to the right of the player window and part of the game disappears. I have three inserted into one course, one is perfect, but the other two are off to the right of the window. I have tried everything.


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June Dunlap


Unfortunately due to the content I am unable to share the package outside the company. I saw another post from about 9 months ago where he was experiencing the same issue but was told it was something your guys were aware of. I will continue to try to figure it out on my end. It might be the template being used. I will post again when I know for sure.

Thanks, June

Leslie McKerchie

Hi June! Thank you very much for sharing that thread. I was able to track down the QA Issue that was reported for this and do not have an update at this time as it is still in the hands of our QA Team.

Do you have the same scenario? Are you not displaying the menu for the slide that you are having an issue with? If so, I will add this to the details for the QA Team.

June Dunlap

I found a solution to this issue. Apparently the web object still sees the Notes panel even though it is turned off and moves the web object over. When we turned on the notes panel, the Web Object loads full screen in the player window and works perfectly.

Would rather not show the panel but for now everything works. Hoping the QA team can do something so we can use Web Objects without having the notes panel on. :)


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