Hiding and revealing the Notes pane whenever needed


Is it possible to remove the Notes pane in Articulate Presenter for some slides and add it to the rest of the slides in the same course?

One of my clients wants me to hide the Notes pane whenever there is no slide notes to the slides. In the same course, in some slides, slide notes are present, so without having the user to click anywhere, he wants the Notes pane to reappear.

Other than changing the view mode, is it possible to make the notes pane appear and disappear in different slides in the same course?

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Poornima Ramachandran

Just a crude work around that I have resorted to at times - (Not very useful if you are working on a huge course though)

Have a `Notes' button in your master slide. When users click on it, the note can come as a pop up. So you will need to devote a small area in your slide are for the pop up notes section. You can just remove this button in slides which don't use notes.

Not a very smart idea, but it has worked for me a few times.