Hiding the Published Title / File Name on the Articulate Template


I'd like to hide the published title / file name on the Articulate Template.  It's something cryptic which distracts the learner:

I know how to change the name when I publish but that will create a different file name:

 I'd like to keep the same file name.  I seem to recall finding a check box option at one time to hide it but I can't remember it.

Any help would be great.  Thanks!

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David Anderson

Hi touvio - The course title can't be blank when you publish, so you'll need something in for that field.

Is there another name you could use that would make sense for your learners? Ideally, I'd recommend you find a name that does work, even if it's "Have a nice day!"

You can remove the title from the presentation.xml file. It's just a single line in the xml that you can delete after you publish the course:

Another option is to customize your player colors so the text matches the top bar. I haven't done this before but it seems like it could work. You can use the colorizer job aid to find the right color combinations for your course:


Hope that helps, but please let us know if you have any more questions on this.