Hotspot with Freeform Tool in Presenter

Sep 16, 2011

I'm Using PPT 2007 and I want the user to advance to the next slide by clicking on a specific item on the screen.  Since the item is a part of the larger background picture, I am using a transparent hotpost to make this happen.  Because the shape is odd, I am using the freeform tool to create the shape.  I can assign the "go to next slide" action to the shape but it doesn't work when previewed or published.  A couple of slides later I have the same thing, but I am using a square shape as my transparent fine.  Do freeform shapes not work as hotspots with AP?  Is it a PPT 2007 vs a PPT 2010 issue?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Jonathan this sometimes happens, I would make sure you have not set the shape to no fill and no border articulate sometimes thinks if it has no fill and border it does not exist and does not publish it, I generally set the fill to any colour and then change the transparency to 100%, even then the shape can then not publish so I then I set it to 99% transparent and that normally works

Justin Wilcox

Hi Robert.

Hotspots do allow you to create a freeform shape so the shape of the object shouldn't be a problem. Is this something you want to score as a quiz question? if you simply want to show someone the location of things in a picture, perhaps using a Guided Image or Labeled Graphic interaction would be more appropriate.

If you are looking to do a multiple Hotspot question in Quizmaker, though, this blog article should point you in the right direction.

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