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Crystal Horn

Hey Rezi!  I'll bet that you can accomplish this by using a caption or other shape with the English version of the word pop up when the mouse hovers over your Georgian word.  You could do this with a hotspot over the Georgian word.  The English caption would have to have the initial state as Hidden, and you could set a trigger to show that caption when the mouse hovers over each Georgian hotspot.

Here are some articles on Hotspots and Triggers and States!  :)

Crystal Horn

Oh, Rezi-- I have to apologize.  If I had seen that you posted a question about Presenter '13 like I should have, I would not have provided you with Storyline 2 articles!  I apologize for that confusion.

To answer you correctly, Presenter does not have that ability to offer an interactive mouse hover feature.  What I would recommend, however, is taking advantage of the Glossary feature in the Player, where you can define (or translate, in this case) terms throughout your course.  You can even change the name of the glossary tab to customize it's label to your liking.

I hope that helps!