How best to deal with the "Roaming" "Articulate" "Presenter" struc

I sometimes work on my desktop and then copy content over to the laptop when I'm on the road and then back again when I get home.

I'm getting tripped up by this "roaming" directory structure.

C:\Users\Jim Powell\AppData\Roaming\Articulate\Presenter\Project

The subdirectories on one computer will contain the correct video and swf content whereas I'll go to publish a course on the other computer and the subdirectory name which is created locally doesn't seem to match the one on the other computer and this my flash files don't play correctly.

Can I change the source location in storyline to alway point to a particular directory structure... i.e. Dropbox/AppData/Roaming/Articulate/Presenter/Project

Anyway, there's something I'm missing here about working on a project across two computers.  I've tried searching the knowledge based about using "network drives" and things like that but haven't found the simplistic answer I'm looking for.

I'd just like to set it up once and for all the EXACT same way on both computers... is there some way to get it to stop pointing to  C:\Users\Jim Powell\AppData\  on each computer?



======================== I tried posting this as a "discussion" and didn't get any responses, so I'm changing it to a question.  I've paid for the support package, so am I just supposed to phone in?  Not sure of the process.  Thanks. ==================================================

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jim!

We have documentation for when you need to work collaboratively with others and this would apply to your personal use of multiple computers as well.

You can check out our article here and there is also a forum thread here with slight variation if applicable.

I think the AppData folder is specific to Vista and holds application specific data that is intended to 'roam' with a user profile.

As far as your question about question vs discussion, it shows up in the forums either way, but when it is posed as a question, an answer can be 'verified' for use by other community members.

If you would like to understand your support options, check out this page. It explains the various support options that you have available to you.

I hope that this helps Jim!

Greg Edwards

Articulate is (forgive me, Articulate folks) pretty terrible about handling resource files over a network. So as a rule, I always copy my "working" development folder over to my desktop, so I know I'm working with local files.

I've found the best way to shuttle a Presenter project between multiple computers is to use the Articulate Package feature, which depending on your version of PowerPoint, is found under File > Share > Articulate Package. It bundles the PPTX, PPTA file (which in turn contains any audio, resources, timings, etc.), QUIZ files, and Engage solution files into one big ZIP file. You can move that sucker over to another computer, unzip, and voila! You're ready to rock.

With so many collaborative projects moving to the cloud and SharePoint, I do wish that Presenter would better handle working with project resource files no matter where they reside. Other platforms do it, I don't understand why it's so unreliable for Articulate.

Jim Powell

I just gave up and stopped working with two computers. That may still leave me with some vestigial issues from files that were created and moved around a bit 5 months ago. As for support options I do pay for the top level support subscription although that's kind of frustrating because of limited English skills on the part of the people on the other end of the phone (I've only called twice so maybe it was just bad luck). And sometimes it really helps to talk this through.

Anyway, Greg, I know this is quite late -- but thanks for posting your comments. I'm just going to stick to one computer for now.