How do I capture prerecorded audio in Screenr recording?

Hi, Superheroes:

I've got a Presenter presentation and client wants to put in on youtube. It looks poor as a screencast, but I at least need to show them it can be done.

Question: how do I capture the prerecorded audio in the presentation? Right now, Screenr is just capturing the visual/video aspect.

I've got Storyline, too, if it's easier to manipulate in that tool. Thanks so much. --Daniel

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Peter Anderson

Hi Daniel,

Have you selected to use the Built-in Input on the microphone setting in the lower-left corner when launching Screenr? If that doesn't resolve it, have you tried re-booting the computer? 

And of course, you could always import the Presenter course into Storyline and use Storyline's screen recorder, then export that as an MP4.