How do I embed (not link) a UPK simulation in Articulate?

Sep 03, 2012


I know how to provide a link in Articulate, but I want to know if there is any possibility to embed it in Articulate not just a link.

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Saenna B Ahman

hi Blesy, i'm not familiar with UPK but what format is the simulation in? If it is a swf made with actionscript 2 (or if it is a movie in mp4 or flv format) you should be able to insert it with the ARticulate menu, just choose Flash movie and place it on your slide.

Or: Another way to do it is to embed the simulation on a separate webpage (it can be a local webpage, doesn't have to be hosted online) and then use the Web Object feature in PReseneter to embed it into your course:

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