How do I embed Presenter into existing webpage?

Apr 29, 2011

Presentation folder generated by Presenter works fine as a standalone online presentation. But what SPECIFIC CHANGES should I make to testpage.html code provided by Articulate so I can make the presentation appear within an existing HTML page? I tried inserting the same code and it doesn't work. The comment provided in testpage.html is not helpful. Any SPECIFIC changes I should make?

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Sammy Hwang

I just found the example of  the embeded quizmaker from the following url. You can check it out if you click  the quiz on the menu.

I used Firebug to identify the code and it is like this. I hope this helps.

Speaking of accessibility issue, I have a question. I might need to embed my articulate file using this embedded method or make a pop-up window using javascript. Because I saw a pop-up window opens when I click  the showcase examples. I assume it is made by javascript. That means that the pop-up winodw javascript is more accessible to users than iframe?

Any thought?

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