How do I make use of my LMS Menu for tracking?


I've been going through the forums for help and I haven't found the answer to my question.

I have created several courses in Articulate and have imported them as individual Lessons  into my LMS.  The appearance of the course from the user side isn't the greatest because there are elements of the LMS that appear such as the Menu and Next Lesson/Previous Lesson Buttons. 

Within a particular Lesson the Articulate menu and control bar are used.  When the learner is to move to the next lesson (another articulate course) they can use the LMS's next lesson button.  They can also use the LMS's menu to jump from lesson to lesson.

It works but it can be confusing as it looks like there is a course within a course.  I don't know enough about SCORM and mutli-SCOs and LMSs to know if this is typical behavior or if it is something that can be changed.

I would like to see either:

1) Only the Articulate menu and control bar or

2) Only the LMS Menu and navigation buttons



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