How do I open a published ZIP file

Mar 07, 2013

1) How do I open/view a published Presenter project I received in a ZIP file?

2) Can I edit that published file?

Thanks in advance.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Jan

First, you'll want to extract all the files from the zip. The next thing you'll need to know is how the person published the course that was sent to you (for web, LMS, CD...). If you're going to be launching the course locally, they will need to publish the course for CD and you can use the Launch_Presentation file to view the course. 

If the course wasn't published for CD, you'll need to upload the course to its proper environment to be able to view it. There's more info on that here.

As for your second question: no, it's not possible to edit published content. You would need the source files to do that.

So, do you know how the course was published?

Peter Anderson

Happy to help, Jan. 

Do you know where the ultimate destination of the course is? Will it be hosted on a website? An LMS? Is it for Articulate Online? A lot of the files will look the same, but won't function properly until they're put into the right environment. 

Can you give me a screen shot of your extracted files and I may be able to tell...

Thanks, Jan!

Peter Anderson


Glad that's working for you, Jan. That index.html file is the one that will eventually be used in the LMS. Typically Flash security and web browser security might not allow you to view the course locally (without being uploaded first), but I'm glad to hear you can see it. 

Once you're ready to have it uploaded to the LMS, you'll want to zip the contents again and follow these instructions

Best of luck, Jan, and don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions!

Barbara Estrada

I got hit by lightning and it fried my computer and external backup. That was before I went to the cloud. I have a relatively recent version prior to the last where most of the slides are right, it will just be a matter of going throught the entire thing and checking for differences. Once I identify differences, I can make changes.  I see in the zip files there is a folder for each of the engage activities (although strangly numbered) and the audio is still there, and I have all the notes/narrative. I can import the audio and copy and paste the narrative/text. Any other advice?  

Manu Chaturvedi


I have published my course content and sent the zipped folder to the department that will then upload it on the server. But they are not able to open the zipped folder. 

I tried extracting all files from the zipped folder myself, in the process few files do not get extracted. Can you help me in trouble shooting this issue.

Manu Chaturvedi

Hi Ashley,

I selected LMS for Articulate Storyline before publishing the file. I was told that ims manifest.xml folder has to be at the root of the folder, which according to me is there, but the person on the other end cannot see it. Here is the screenshot of the two folders. Folder image1 is the published zipped file and Folder image 2 is the extracted file folder. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for sharing those images - from those it looks like your missing the LMS and the story_content file from the second image. I can't imagine that they'd just be removed when you go to extract...but you'd want to look at ensuring that you're publishing to a local drive and following the file naming and path information here. 

If you're able to share the Storyline published zip file i can test uploading it as well in a site such as SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing LMS content. 

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