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Orlando White

Hi Leslie,

When I try to republish the course - the audio disappears. I want the same exact course - however, I want to put it in our LMS. I am able to important the audio but the some slides on the web version has multiple voiceovers. For example, it appears the person who created it merge two different audio files into one slide. I didn't know that was possible. I did not create the course.

Thanks for your help

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Orlando - Sorry to hear you are having difficulty with this. Is the audio missing in your project as well? This documentation may assist. I hope that you have the full package and not just a powerpoint file though. It is hard to work behind others sometimes.

Curious is the other audio is perhaps a playlist in the background? Check out this documentation for assistance.

Orlando White

Hi Leslie,

I have the full package zipped and un-zipped with additional folders inside the “data” and “player” folders (see screenshot). I also have the PowerPoint.


I tried the instructions you provided for the audio. No luck. However, what I want to do is convert the web version (which has the audio) to my LMS (saba).


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update Orlando, however, you may be replying via e-mail which does not allow any attachments/images to come through. Sorry to hear that the instructions did not work for you.

We would recommend re-publishing the content to your LMS, which is why I was trying to better assist with your audio issues so that you could have a successful output.

Based on your description above about the folders, perhaps you only have the zipped published output vs the zipped Articulate package with the ppt and ppta files (project file).

There is not a way to get back to an editable project state from the zipped published output.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Allison!

Is there a way to remove Flash from a zipped file?

Great question. Though Storyline, this related discussion gives insight into manually removing Flash files from the published output.

I can't guarantee that this technique will work, but here is a short video on how the removal process may look with Presenter's Web output.

I recommend making a copy of the zipped file before removing the .swf and _flash.html files. Then, testing the package in its intended environment.

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