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Carrie Eaton

In the labelled graphic interaction, the description boxes no longer have an X to close them, and it's not intuitive to click somewhere outside the box to close it. That was the main one that made us decide to stay with '09...that along with the fact that we're doing most development now in SL. There is a small change needed in this particular course, hence the need to use Articulate this time.

In the published version in '09, there are random colored boxes that appear on screen that aren't there in the source. They appear to be the 'transparent' background on some graphics. This has always been an issue. The only luck I've had is to re-boot the system and try again. One time out of 3-4 that helps.

There are now some other odd things happening, so I think I may have a damaged file. Let me go back to a backup version and see if I can get this fixed. If not, I'll get a articulate package to you!

Thanks for your input/help, Leslie!