How do I remove the title bar?

When I am viewing my course in the "No Sidebar View" or the "Standard View" there is a bar at the top where the project's file title (as well as the tabs for attachments, exit, etc.) is located, but  I don't have any attachments and I don't want the title of the project to show.  Is there some way to remove this...because I couldn't find it in the Player Template menu...but maybe I just missed it.  Thanks SOOO very much.

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Cindy Sharon

I have a similar question regarding removing the title bar from an Engage Interaction. I have 21 separate/individual Engage Label Graphic interactions. Each one represents a different screen capture and explains and its parts from a proprietary portal. I am nesting these 21 interactions into an Engage Glossary. How do I turn off or remove the embedded title and if possible reclaim that space to make the embedded interaction larger?

Thank you very much for any assistance!

Peter Anderson

Hi Cindy, welcome to Heroes!

Out of the box, that's not possible. You're welcome to submit a feature request though:

Perhaps something like this (unsupported, third-party) would work for you?:

Cindy Sharon

Thank you Peter. I very much appreciate the response. I neglected to mention above that I ran across this as well. From what I could tell - seems like this reasonably priced third party tool will remove the title area. However, I didn't get the impression that it would also reclaim that space to be reused for other means.... Do you know of any other available option (3rd party is okay.)

Elizabeth Israel

So I am trying to get something similar done.  At the top of the screen on presenter my course name continues to show up along with the time elapsed and the course time.  How do I get rid of it showing that information?  I have Attachments, Glossary, and Exit on the right hand corner and they are just where I want them and how I want them but I want the rest of the top to be blue.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Sayuj Ravindran

To turn off the time elapsed and course time you can use the settings under -> Player Templates -> Player Controls.

Just deselect the option - Elapsed and Total Presentation Time.

A work around method to turn off the course title is to play with the color scheme / colorizer:

Unviewed Slide Titles : changes the color of Unviewed slide titles and the Course Title too.

Gradient Top and Gradient Bottom: changes the color of the top bar.

Lines: changes the colors of all the lines including the separator line between Attachments, Exit etc.

If you set all these four to be of the same color, then the course title will be gone. But the disadvantage is that when the course title is gone, the attachments and the exit tab is also gone.