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Jeney Rodarmor

Actually, I did that originally.  Unfortunately, after I deleted teh sound, the slides behave as though the sound is still here.  In other words, even though the slides properties as set to "By Use", there is a long pause before the button becomes active, mimicking the time it took for the sound to play.

I may have deleted the sound in the wrong way.  I opened the Audio Editor, selected everything and hit delete.  Apparently, the "Synch Animation" remained.  Now what? 

Jeney Rodarmor

#1 is 1 second

#2 is 0 seconds

Here's the thing:  I went ahead and followed Phil's advice (using the All Clear button on the Annotation tab) and it worked. The odd thing is that all slides get reset to 3 seconds each (which works for me, but I don't know where that is coming from unless it's the speed that I always use to get from Synch Annimations, to Clear All, back to Stop Annimations).

Any other ideas?