How do I uninstall my software & install it somewhere else?

Hi everyone - I work in a learning department and one of our employees loaded Articulate Studio on a company laptop. That person's no longer with the company, and now IT is going to take that PC and reformat it for someone else. Eventually we'll hire a new e-learning person, and they'll of course get a different computer where we'll want to install the Articulate licsense... but I need to know how to handle that. How do I transfer the license that's currently installed on the laptop, and make sure that it's available when we need to reinstall the software on the new person's computer?

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Sam Veasey

Hi Babette, do you still have the serial numbers for that installation? They would be in an email that Articulate sent when you first bought the software. If you don't have the email, you can find out the serial number for Presenter by going to Articulate>Help and Support>About Articulate Presenter and write down the number. (Do the same for Quizmaker, Engage, and Video Encoder if you have those programs too.) When you're ready to deactivate the software, you can go to each product's menu and choose Deactivate (make sure you're connected to the internet). This will deactivate the license associated with that serial number so that you can install it on the other machine.