How do you reduce the file size of slide images published to Word?

Our SME review and archive processes require us to publish everything (presenter, engage, and quizzes) to Word.  However, because Presenter publishes the slides as bitmap images in Word, this often results in huge file.  Our current workaround is to do a “save as jpeg” to the storyboard PPT.  (This saves each slide as an individual jpeg image.)  Next we go into the published word document, right click on each individual slide image, select “change picture” and replace the bitmap with a jpeg image.  Is there any easier way to convert the bitmap images to a different/ smaller format?

I checked out some of the other publish to Word postings, but did not find an answer. 



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Ezra Webb


What we do is cut the image in the word doc and paste special as a gif. We created a macro to simply this. After you start recording your macro, right click and cut, then click on the paste down arrow (home tab) and select Paste special then select gif. Stop recording. Unfortunately you have to do it for each image but it should be quicker than what you are doing since you can use the macro. Hope this helps.