How does Presenter handle triggered PowerPoint animations?

Triggered animations are the key to adding a feeling of interactivity in PowerPoint presentations.

I'm building an "Engage-style" interactive slide using triggered animations in PowerPoint 2010. In a nutshell, I have a pair of Fade entrance and exit effects on a shape, which are triggered by the user clicking another shape on the slide. It's like a hotspot/callout type of animation. In PowerPoint, it works beautifully.

However, when I try to sync animations, Presenter doesn't detect any animations on the slide, but the triggered shapes are not shown, nor can I interact with them. When I publish the slide, the output just displays all of the overlapping shapes as if everything is always visible on the slide.

What gives? Doesn't Presenter support triggered PowerPoint animations? Is this a ploy to get us to buy Engage as well? I'm frustrated that I can build something using standard PowerPoint tools that apparently can't be output by Presenter.

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Brian Batt

Hi Greg,

It is not possible to allow the user to initiate on-click animations in the Articulate Player. As the author, when you record your audio, you will be able to synchronize your audio with your on-click animations. 

You can learn more here: 

You can simulate on-click animations by spreading the animation over one or more duplicate slides. Please see the article below for more information on this technique: