How many animations on a slide?

Working on HR course which ends with a 'you all are leaders' type of slide.  To do this, we want to flash pictures of employees from all departments on the screen.  We have 54!!! photos.  I am trying to have them appear one at a time and doing the animation 'on click' for each photo. 

Before I spend a lot of time creating the animation, thought I'd better ask if there is a limit to the number of animations on a single slide that will work in Presenter?  Or--can anyone suggest a better way to accomplish a smiling faces slide without severely reducing the number of photos?

We publish to LMS for distribution. 


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Simon Perkins

I too have had loads of animations on various slides and they generally work fine.  Only visual issue I've really encountered is Slide Layouts loading abou1-2 seconds after the main slide content - which doesn't look good.  Tends to happen on SLs with slightly heavier images and slower connections.  I still wish it wouldn't happen though.

From a learner perspective, I'd go with grouping them in some way.  54 profiles to skip through is a lot, especially if you're on 51 and want to go back to 10, etc.

David Anderson

Hi Virginia - Here's a slide with around 26 animations:

The biggest challenge is managing so many layers in PowerPoint. I created that example in PowerPoint 2007 using the Selection Pane. It would be tougher in PowerPoint 2003 (no Selection Pane).