How to activate the 30-day trial

I've been hired to update some existing Articulate WBTs for a client. They gave me a 30 day trial version of Presenter 09 loaded onto a virtual machine that I use thru their VPN.

When I open Articulate QM and Engage from the Start, Programs menu, I get the "you have 29 days left in your free trial....) and I can update the work fine and publish into the ppt.  However, when I try to access the Articulate menu from the ppt, I get the message "your trial has expired."  Even when I closed ppt, launched Presenter from the Start menu, and it allowed me to open ppt and my exising project, I still got that message once I tried to access the Articulate menu.

Can you please let me know how to override this? They have Office 2003 on this machine (driving me crazy) so let me know how to correct it from this version of ppt.  Thanks.


PS--this is a MAJOR healthcare company and I'm sure they have numerous licensed copies of your software so they are not being cheap--just want to get some courses updated quickly. 

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