How to add clip art audio and get it working


I want to add a clip art audio track as background music to go over two slides. The slides have powerpoint animations.

When I insert the clip audio - sometimes the audio plays but animations don't work and sometimes its the other way round, depending the Effect options I have selected.

I've seen some other posts saying that audio as background music needs to be added as Playlist. So the next question for me is how do I add a clip art as a playlist.

Have played around a fair bit but none the wiser.

Appreciate any help.



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Jeanette Brooks

You could extract the inserted sound as a separate file, and then use that to create a playlist. Here's a page which contains links explaining how to get the sound out of the PowerPoint file (the process is different depending on what PPT  version you have).

Once you have the sound extracted, if it in a format other than wav or mp3, you'll need to convert it. If you don't already have a tool that does this, Format Factory is a free one that a lot of people like.

Once your sound is in the correct format, you can use it to create your playlist and apply the playlist to your 2 slides.