How to add narration prior to starting a video

I would like to have a video play in a Presenter '13 slide after a recorded narration.  Even when I set the video to start on "click" it plays at the same time as the video and when I go to Sync Animations...there is no way to set the video to play after the narration as the system does not recognize any animations as being present.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric!

I know that other users have set their video to start after x seconds of slide starting to accommodate narration.

This option is available when you insert your video. In addition, many add a still frame image of their video as a placeholder, so it doesn't appear to be a blank slide and get skipped over by your end user.

Eric Miller


thanks for helping. Can you explain more about what you mean about the placeholder still image and how that is used?  Also: is there a way to sync the movie to play after some narration without adding a delay to when the video starts (which requires some estimating). I would to trigger it through the sync animation pane as I would other ppt animations. I tried importing the video directly into PowerPoint that didn't play at all. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric!

I was simply referring to a screen shot (image) of the beginning of the video so that it looked seamless.

If your video is set to play on-click, you could add the narration by doing sync animation, but without the delay you cannot control when your user will click the video and then they will play simultaneously. 

Perhaps understanding the obstacles/decisions that others made would help. Here are some additional reference threads if you would like to take a look here and here.