How to automatically close Flash video when opening in New Window?

Feb 20, 2013

Hello. I have a presentation where I inserted a Flash Video of a proceedure on our website, and I have it set to open in a New Window, so it is large enough for our visually-challenged employees to see. That works great, however, I need to find a way to make the Window close automatically, once the video is done. My supervisor loves the video, but doesn't like that it doesn't close automatically, so the employee can see the next slide.

I saw this post where David showed us how to add the code to the end of the Flash Video encoding. However, I recorded a Screenr video (MP4) and converted it to FLV using, I didn't make the video from scratch (I'm not a Flash expert,) so I'm not sure how to get into the coding to add the javascript code he provided.

I don't know if it makes a difference, if it is something I have to do in Presenter itself, but I am working on Office 2003 (though really trying to convince my manager to spring for 2010... Fingers crossed!)

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Adam Larsen

Just today, I tried inserting a Flash movie into a new Presentation. If I play it in the slide, it works fine, but it is smaller than we needed, but when I try to insert the same video and make it open in a new browser window, it does not work. Even when I just preview the presentation, not try to publish it to our company's site, only the "In Slide" video works, and the New Browser Window doesn't work.

When I am inserting the video, it has the preview screen, where I choose how I want it to be presented (in slide, in the presenter window, or in a new browser window, and the Preview works fine, so there isn't a problem with the video, itself, even though the video in the post above worked fine in a New Browser window, using the same steps I'm using to try to get this video inserted.

I tried both Flash & MP4 formats. They both get the same result. I have also tried it on a 2nd computer, in case the laptop I use was messing up, but had the same problem.

Any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Peter Anderson

Hi Adam,

Well, I can't promise that the network drive doesn't have something to do with the movie not playing on your end, BUT I was able to get it to work on my machine by simply changing the name of the video to something much less complicated - in this case "adamvideo" or something like that. I then re-inserted it and volia!

See if that plays on your end

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