How to change video-placeholder in thumbnail view?

Feb 19, 2013

Hi out there,

is there a chance to change the placeholder for videos in the thumbnail view of the sidebar?

I would like to have something else (eg. first frame of the video) instead of the grey video placeholder.



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Dwayne Schamp

This image is using the "tb1.swf" file from the data/swf folder. We usually change this out for a custom swf if we use a video for the first slide. The tb1.swf is also used as the display image for any of the menu bar options (attachments, exit, etc.)

I've attached a zip file with the SWF and Flash file (tb1.fla) that you can use to create one for you to use.

This is one we use when we any attachments or docs for the user to view from the menu bar. We don't use the Thumbnail view.

Just replace the tb1.swf file in "data/swf" with this one and it will show in the thumbnail view; and it will animate too if you need it to.