How to copy interactions?

Dear all,

I am working on a Course which is supposed to consist of two learning modules: one in German and one in English.

I am almost done with the German version and I was wondering if there ist a way of just importing a copy of the German interactions inclucing all settings to the English version?

Both presentations need to contain the same information - the Englisch version is just a translation of the German original project.

Thus, importing the interaction and translating them afterwards would save a lot of time.

Any support will be very appreciated.

Kind regards





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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Rebecca!

It looks like you're using Presenter '13 where we have this helpful article to walk you through the translation process. Give that a look, and let us know if you have any questions along the way!

Also, community manager, Nicole, outlines everything you need to know before any development begins to effectively localize content: Planning Your Localized E-Learning Projects.

Rebecca Jung

Hi Katie,

I have just tried to follow the hints you mentioned above. However, when exporting the translation I get an error message - I thin at least it is an error message as there is no text shown.No file is saved either.

I added the error message.

I'd be very glad if you could have a look at this.

Kind regards



Katie Riggio

Oh no, Rebecca. Let's get that roadblock out of the way!

Can I confirm that you're working on a local hard drive (C:)? Working on a network drive or an external USB drive can cause odd behavior like that, so I always like to rule that out as the culprit!

Also, would you mind sharing your Articulate Presenter Package for testing? You can send it to us privately by using this upload link. That way, we'll be able to look at what's happening with the export process. 

Katie Riggio

Hello, Rebecca. Thanks for sending your package in for testing!

I see my teammate, Peter, is carefully looking into it as we speak. You should hear back with his findings shortly, and I'll follow along!

In the meantime, great question! We recommend to always publish to a local drive. However, if you need to copy the project over to a network drive, only do it after you've saved the file and exited Presenter.