How to create a button on a slide that opens a new text box


I would like to use a button and call it "Learn more" throughout a presentation I am creating. I would like users to be able to click on the button and have a new text box/window display that contains text and live links to either documents or sites.

Can this be done? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jane,

Can you tell us which product you're using, Studio 09 or 13?

You won't be able to open a slide in a new window, or a layer (like you can in Storyline), but one option might work for you. You could insert a button and attach a hyperlink to that button. The hyperlink could jump to a specific slide - you can even remove this slide from the menu and adjust the branching so that learners can only go back to the slide where they used the button.

Here's a really quick example I put together for you:

Example for Jane

Again, it won't open in a new window, but learners could return to the slide at any point - as long as they have access to the button. Once you apply the hyperlink and text you'd like to use, you can copy and paste the button onto multiple slides.

Let me know what you think!

Jane Smart

Thanks for the above Christine, it works perfectly. I do have another related question though (I am using Studio '13).

For the same module I want to reference documents in the same way - have them click on the Learn more button to see additional information - this time a document. Most of these docs are 2 or 3 pages long and in PDF format.

I think I would do the same thing - create a slide with the link to the document on it. My question is - where would be the best place to have the documents reside so that the link will work for them. Would using the Resources feature work?

Thanks so much,