How to export Note section from studio 09 output?



In my company we developed courses using studio 09, now we are migrating all the course to storyline 2. However, for some courses we don't have the source ppt or studio files or output files. So, we plan to screen capture the entire course that is uploaded in our LMS using storyline 2. Once captured, we will publish the course as storyline output. 


We need the note text for all the slides, Is there any way to export the note section from the studio 09 output file that is uploaded in LMS.

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Srinivas T

Hi guys,

I found a solution for my problem. 


1. Go to folder options - Disable the check box next to "Hide extension of known file types" and "Hide protected operating systems files"

2. Run the course from LMS in IE (If you have a published output folder then you can try STEVE's solution, if you don't have both source or output then follow this step)

2. Then go to the following path - "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files"

3. Here you will find 4 to 5 folders. You need to manually go to each folder and check which folder has your IE temp file. 

4. Then locate the SWF file - by default it will say slide 1, 2 etc...

5. In the same folder find the xml file "Presentation[1].xml (this file has all the note section text in it.)

6. Now save this file as a notepad or xml in your desktop.