How to fast forward through video when navigation is restricted


I have 2 questions regarding the use of YouTube embedded function in Presenter.

1. We are developing an elearn in Presenter, where the navigation is restricted. However, we are using an embedded YouTube video which we are happy if the learner skips through it, as it is a bit long.

I have embedded the YouTube video using functions:

Show video in slide.

Play video automatically.

Show video controls.

The 'Show video controls' allows the learner to click on the timeline and therefore skip through the video, which is what we want. However, if the learner does skip through the video, it seems as though they still need to wait until the time lapses. I am assuming this is because Presenter is set at 'restricted'.

Can you please advise if there is another way I can set up Presenter so that the learner can skip forward on this slide only.

2. I have set all slides to 'Advance by user'. However, the slide containing this embedded YouTube video seems to automatically jump forward when the video finishes. Does the Advance become 'auto' when a video is embedded into a slide using YouTube code?

Thank you for your assistance and advice.


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Alison Bickford

Thanks Leslie

Just to clarify, I have set the course as a whole to 'Restricted' (under the Menu > Menu options.)

However, the Slide Properties Navigation says 'Free' for this and all slides - even though the menu is restricted.

Is there I way I can make just this slide containing the YouTube video freely navigable, so that the learner can advance at any time just for this slide, and still have the course menu 'Restricted?'

Should I be looking somewhere else in the slide properties?

Thanks for your advice, Alison

Nelson Diaz

You could add a "skip" button to your video slide to override the restricted navigation. Simply add a small powerpoint shape (rectangle, button, etc.) to the slide containing the youtube video (put it somewhere below or above so it doesn't overlap with your video/web object rectangle). With the shape selected, type something (skip forward, etc.) to add a label to it. Then add a hyperlink to the shape so it goes to the next slide when clicked.